SNDTTA Autumn Competition Div 5

Division 5 Team - SUNS E

Varuna Wijetange, Framcis Seo, Joanna Seo,
Vitada Gow, Robert Hales

Due to COVID-19, the competition has recently restarted
with revised schedules.

Matches Played:

4. Fri 14th Aug - Away game vs PCYC Juniors
Our opponents played extremely well and we managed to win only 1 singles game. We lost comprehensively 1-8 against young opponents.

2 losses in a row. Keep your fighting spirits up!

3. Tue 4 Aug - Away game vs PCYC 5H
Francis again gave us a flying start winning the 1st game. But then the momentum was lost when we lost the next 3 games, trailing 1-3
But when Francis, Varuna and the doubles combination of Varuna and Joanna won the next 3, we were only 1 game from victory. Alas, only to lose the final 2 games, resulting in a 4-5 lost. Francis, Viyada, Joanna and Varuna represented SUNS E.

What a narrow lost!

2. Wed 29 July - Away game vs Norths Sydney Leagues TTC
Francis, Joanna, Varuna played singles with Viyada filling in for all the doubles. The singles matches were evenly matched, resulting in 3-3. However we won two of the doubles quite well. Final result edging to a bare 5-4 victory.

Good effort once again.

1.  Mon 9th Mar - Away game vs Hornsby RSL, Blue

Francis gave a winning start, winning his singles easily. But then we lost the next 2 and trail 1-2. Having just lost his doubles match, Varuna made amends by winning his next singles in 4 games. 2-2
That provided the momentum for our team. We won all the remaining 5 matches, some hard fought, to a worthy opponent. SUNS Team: Francis, Varuna, Viyada and Joanna.
Result: 7-2 in favour of SUNS E 


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