Club Contacts



Leong Tho
T: 0416 113 155

Yip Khuen Whye
T: 0438 883 500

Treasurer & Public Officer
Varuna Wijetunge
T: 0490 804 545


Theo Morsink.

via whatsapp groups: 
Instant notifications of SUNS activities and announcements are available from SUNS whatsapp groups.

Please message YK @0438 883 500 to be included to receive SUNS news

Committee Members 2023

Patron: Theo Morsink

President: Leong Tho
T: 0416 113 155

Vice President: John Robertson

Secretary: Yip Khuen Whye 
T: 0438 883 500

Treasurer & Public Officer:
Varuna Wijetunge 
T: 0490 804 545

Committee Members

Walter Labio 
Viyada Gow

Jeff Wright
Angela Chan
Percy Wong
Phillip Wilson

Hoang Huynh
Navindu Nanda

Coach: (by appointment) 
James Wang  
T: 0406 691 196



Standing L to R: Varuna Wigetunge, Navindu Nanda, Viyada Gow, Phillip Wilson, Walter Labio, John Robertson, Angela Chan, Percy Wong, Hoang Huynh, Jeff Wright
Sitting: Leong Tho, Yip Khuen Whye

Please contact any of
our committee members
for help and assistance
with matters pertaining to

SUNS Committee 2022
Leong Tho, Harry Theoharous,
Yip Khuen Whye, Varuna Wigetunge,
Viyada Gow, Jeff Wright,
Walter Labio, John Robertson,
Percy Wong, Phillip Wilson,
Navindu Nanda, Laurie Chow

SUNS Committee 2021

 Standing (L to R): Yip Khuen Whye, Jeff Wright, Viyada Gow, Harry Theoharous, Navindu Nanda
Front: Leong Tho, Theo Morsink
Not-in-picture: Walter Labio, Varuna Wijetunge, Jeff Canning




Handicap Contest
is held every Friday morning
(closed until further notice)
Join in the fun

SUNS Championships

Saturday 22 July 2023
Plenty of matches to play
Note the date

2023 Fun Challenge
plus Lunch

Monday 19 June 2023
Wednesday 6 December 2023

9:00am to 3:00pm

(Note the revised dates)

Our playing sessions on:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
9:30am to 12:30pm

and Friday Nights too,
7:30pm to 10:30pm

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