SUNS Newsletter – September and December 2019 

Hi All,

Just changed the heading above to include some December info.

Since September we have now had our 2 tournaments and Leong Tho has been kind enough to enter the results and winners photos as an addition to the "Activities"section on the website.
So, if you want to read about the winners, have a look.

We have left the dates of closure and starting again in January unchanged from the Sept newsletter below.
Rest me to thank everybody who helped out during the year 2019 and I wish all members and their families a very enjoyable Festive and Holiday season.
See you in the new year , Theo


Welcome to our new website , now produced by "My Clubmate"proprieter Marcus Green, who is also a long time Suns member and plays on Friday nights for our Div'nn 3 team.
Marcus has used our old design of the Suns website and added a lot more facilities for us to utilise in the future.
In the coming months we are working out which facilities to use for improving our reporting, like an all members listing, competition players, grading central points, team and matches details, team communication etc, etc.
This initiative wil lneed to be developed over a period of time in the future and hopefully will all be explained and finalised at our next AGM planned for Monday 10 February 2020.
All our members will be invited to attend.
To make sure that we get all your email addresses and phone details correct, I will contact every player to check the current info we hold as per the requirements of an Incorporated club.
We have to thank YK for already starting to produce a computerised list of all our members from the current details copied from the membership forms.
Talking about YK, he and Leong have been the instigators for our very successful social function last Sept. after the Monday morning session. The attendance was overwhelming and it was amazing how they managed to get so many volunteers to assist in providing delicacies. Well done everybody involved
This brings us to our next 2 functions at the Brickpit:
Sunday December 1: The 2019 Suns Club Championships from 8.30am to 4 pm.
Monday December 2: The Seniors 2019 Championships from 10am to 2 pm .

 For the Club championships, invitations wil be sent to all TT clubs in the District as we have several members playing for other clubs in the SNDTTA competitions. This 1 day tournament includes entry fees and all players need to have Central Rating points.
For the Seniors tournament on Monday morning, the normal $5 playing fee applies. This is our year end event before the holidays and we have booked the Mezzanine floor for the now traditional lunch, after play. It would be appreciated if attendees could bring a plate to share as in previous years.
Xmas presents and medals for winners and singles runners up will be presented for both events.

As a final note, our last Friday night for 2019 will be the 6th December and we start the Fridays again on the 31st of January 2020.
The 2019 last Monday and Wednesday morning sessions.are as follows:
Last Monday morning: 9 December 2019,  starting again 13 January 2020
Last Wednesday morning:  11 December 2019,  Starting again 15 January 2020.

Kind regards ,
Theo Morsink, President

Please note:
The SNDTTA AGM will be held at the Brickpit on Friday 7February 2020, 6.30pm.
The Suns AGM is planned for Monday 10 February 2020 at he same place starting 1pm.








Snrs Mens doubles Champs Walter & Ray

Snrs Ladies doubles Champs Kerrie & Heide

Snrs Mens B singles Champ & runner up Finson and Raymond

Snrs Mens A singles Champ & runner up James & Percy

Snrs Mixed doubles champs Esther & Sonny. Esther also won the ladies singles