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Being an Incorporated Association, all players must be registered to cover insurance for public liability and accidents. An annual club membership fee of $15, which includes the costs of insurance applies to anyone playing with the SUNS.

Based on a come-as-you-please system, our playing fee is currently $5 per session, which is about the cheapest way to enjoy oneself for about 3 hours

Competition Players
SNDTTA Interclub Competition - Autumn and Spring

Various clubs in Sydneys Northern District (SND) put up teams for the 6 divisions which are Premier, Div 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Some clubs have even participated with as much as 3 separate teams for one division. The teams in each division play each other with the top 4 to 6 teams going into a knockout to decide the winners. Teams play a total of 6 singles and 3 doubles games per match. Therefore all teams need at least 3 players although most teams would have more players playing by selection or on a rotation basis depending on each teams procedures and policies.
There shall be at least one match per week. either home or away. We play at SUNS when the draw is at home and at other clubs venues, when away. 

To join competitions, players must also become registered members of Table Tennis NSW (TTNSW) for insurance on away games and tournament participation. Current 2021 fees are expected to be $75.00 p.a. All registered players would have the possibility of playing for Table Tennis Australia and Table Tennis NSW approved state and National tournaments.

We participate in the Sydney Northern Districts (SNDTTA) Interclub Competitions for which 2, the Autumn and the Spring competitions, would be held each year. The playing fees for the Sydney Northern Districts (SND TTA) Autumn and Spring competitions are currently $35 p/a.

This chart is a summary of the playing costs:

All players joining this competition are graded individually based on previous results and according to the internationally recognised Ratings Central System.

Balls will be supplied by the club on playing nights at no cost to members.


As a service to members, we can assist players with their equipment purchases at discounted prices. We are agents for all well-known brands such as Stiga, Joola, Butterfly, etc. We carry stocks of various bats from $20 to over $90 and sell our own club shirts for $30 with the small profit margin benefitting our club to enable us to keep the playing fees as low as possible.Refer to our Links page for suppliers and if you order any equipment directly, mention you are a SUNS member for the best service and price!

Seniors participating in 2014 year end tournament

Players participating in Suns 2014 Club Championships