Division 2 Team - SUNS B

Navindu Nanda, Zareer Reporter, MingXin Yang,
Percy Wong, Vahistad Patel


Final Positions

Final: HRSL Gold vs MacAction (venue SUNS/Brickpit) Fri 6th Nov
Position 3/4: NSL vs WTTC (venue NSL) 8pm Wed 28th Oct
Our SUNS B Team are fifth, just missed out.

October 2020
Latest Table Standing

Matches played:

6. 2nd Oct – Home match Vs Cherrybrook Storm
Navindu, Mingxin, Vahistad and Percy all played for the team. We achieved a comfortable 8 – 1 victory.

5. Fri 11th Sep - Away game vs Nam Ho
Navindu, Ming Xin, Percy again played for our team. The score sheet suggest a ding-dong match. Trailed 0-1, fought back to 2-1, 2-2, 3-2. Then we lost the next 2 and in real danger of the match, 3-4. However, Ming and Navindu came roaring back with the next 2 for a narrow 5-4 victory.

4. Mon 17th Aug – Away game vs PCYC HK & PZ
Although we lost the first 2 singles game, both in 5 setters we were able to win the next 7 consecutively. Achieving a great victory 7-2 against strong opponents. Some games were hard fought. Vahistad, Navindu and Percy played.

Great going!


3. Fri 14th Aug - Home game vs Macquarie MacAction
Lost the first 2 singles game against strong opponents. Down 0-2
But managed to claw back to 2-4 with Percy & Navindu winning 1 doubles game and Ming Xin a singles. However we lost the next 2 and the match 3-6.
Percy, Navindu and Ming Xin played for the team.

Only 1 set back!

2. Mon 3rd Aug - Away game vs ATTA 2
This postponed game was played after being rescheduled. We were represented by Percy Wong, Navindu Nanda and Vahistad Patel.

Percy won the 1st game. We lost the next 4 and on the verge of losing the match. We won back the remaining 4 games. Victorius 5 - 4

Lucky Win? Or Never-give-up Victory?

Due to COVID-19, the competition has recently restarted
with revised schedules. July 2020

1.  Fri 13th Mar    - Home game vs Hornsby RSL, Gold
The acting Captain reported that we had 4 close matches but lost overall 2-7. Could have done better and made it 3-6 after meeting strong opposition. Our team SUNS B had recent set-backs. First, their Captain Zareer had an injury and would not be able to take part for the entire competition. Then another player withdrew on personal reasons. The remaining 3 are strangers to each other and have not practise together even once.
SUNS B represented by Navindu Nanda, Percy Wong and Vaidu

They would do better with more matches to come.
Better luck next time.

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