District Interclub Competition

SUNS participates in the district's interclub competition which is held every year with 2 seasons per year. This competition is the SNDTTA Interclub Competition.

The competition will start on the week of March 8, 2022. Join one of our teams and have the fun and experience competing with top players in the district.

SUNS has 7 teams in the competition

Div 1 - SUNS Assassins, and SUNS Alpha

Div 2 - SUNS Best

Div 3 - SUNS Cougars, and SUNS Cyclones

Div 4 - SUNS Dragons, and Div 5 - SUNS Energy


more information below:

SNDTTA Interclub Competition

Clubs in Sydneys Northern Districts (SND) field a number of teams and play competitive matches against each other. The competition is graded based on RC ratings into 6 divisions, the Premier division, and divisions 1 to 5. Some larger clubs are able to put up more than 1 team in the same division.

The teams in each division play one another in a round robin. The top 4 to 6 teams advance into knockout rounds to decide the winners.

Teams play 6 singles and 3 doubles games per match. All teams need a minimum of 3 players. Most teams would have more than the minimum 3 players, typically 4 to 7 players. In this manner, most teams will be able to have enough players for a match without the need for postponements. The teams have their own selection rules and criteria.

Participating players will be ranked in accordance with Ratings Central system (RC). All players are therefore up-graded or down-graded depending on their individual performances.

Currently, RC rating grades adopted by SNDTTA are:

Premier Division > 1,650

Division 1 1,501 to 1,650

Division 2 1,351 to 1,500

Division 3 1,151 to 1,350

Division 4 950 to 1,150

Division 5 < 950

Performing in this competition will be one of the ways a player can gauge his level amongst his peers.

If you do not currently has RC points, your club will provisionally allocate one on your behalf judging from the results of your games with the club's ranking players.

There are 2 seasons of competition per year, the Autumn (March to August) and Spring (September to November) seasons.

All the teams play each other in the initial round. The top 4 to 5 teams qualify for knock out rounds for an additional 3 matches if your team reaches the final. Depending on how many teams are participating, 10 to 15 weeks are required for a season, with one round played every week.

The competition is run and organised by The Sydney Northern Districts Table Tennis Association. (SNDTTA). The current fees is $35.00 for both competitions.

In addition a player must be a member of Table Tennis NSW.,See below.


If you love competitions and tournaments, there are many of tournaments held all over NSW. Many local clubs and associations hold their own competitions, tournaments and Championships.

SUNS runs an annual Championship held over a day with trophies and prize money offered.

To participate in NSW competitions, a player needs to be registered with Table Tennis NSW (TTNSW).

There are 4 levels of membership registration:

$20pa Social (non-playing but associated with the sport),

$75pa District (participation in a district's events),

$95pa State (inter-district / state-wide events) and

$125pa National (National / Inter-state events)


Fun Challenge 2024

Fun Challenge
Monday 24 June 2024

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