A total of 5 teams would represent our club, SUNS.
The Captains are first person in the team sheet.

Name of Div 1 Team: SUNS A
Edmond Chiu, Manson Cheng, Chris Zhou, Garek Chung and Andy Truong

Name of Div 2 Team: SUNS B
Zareer Reporter, Navindu Nanda, Percy Wong, Henry Yuan and MingXin Yang

Name of Div 3 Team: SUNS C
Jeff Canning, Emily Carpenter, John Foeng, Derek Morell and Tony Lee

Name of Div 4 Team: SUNS D
Leong Tho, Aria Sangsari, Alena Fallon, Cheng Peng and Peter Shao

Name of Div 5 Team: SUNS E
Viyada Gow, Joanna Seo, Robert Hales, Varuna Wijetange and Francis Seo

The competition starts soon, the week of March 9th, 2020
Watch this space for details.


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