SNDTTA 2022 Div3 Cougars

Division 3 SUNS Cougars
Spring Season

Tony Lee (Captain), Edward Caruana, Firas Halawani, Gary Capell, John Foeng, and Vahistad Patel
Venue Week 2 Friday 19 August    
SUNS TTC Div 3 SUNS Cougars V NSL Brown Bears
Progress of Team Cougars (Spring Season)

01 Nov 2022
SUNS Cougars on 01 Nov 2022 - won MacHeroes 5:4
Players: Firas Halawani, Tony Lee, Garry Capell
27 Oct 2022
SUNS Cougars on 27 Oct 2022 - lost to Cherrybrook Nadassi V 0:9
Players: Edward Caruana, Firas Halawani, Tony Lee
21 Oct 2022
SUNS Cougars on 21 Oct 2022 - lost to PCYC 3A 3:6
Players: Garry Capell, John Foeng, Firas Halawani

07 Oct 2022
SUNS Cougars on 07 Oct 2022 - lost to Macademias 3:6
Players: Tony Lee, John Foeng, Firas Halawani
30 Aug 2022
SUNS Cougars on 30 August 2022 - lost to PCYC 3B 4:5
Players: Tony Lee, Gary Capell, Edward Caruana
23 Sept 2022
SUNS Cougars matches on 23 Sept 2022 - lost to Hornsby RSL RED 4:5
Players: Tony Lee, John Foeng, Garry Capell

24 Aug 2022
SUNS Cougars matches on 24 August 2022 - won Forest Gump D3 5:4
Players: Tony Lee, Edward Caruana, Garry Capell
19 Aug 2022
SUNS Cougars first matches in Spring Season on 19 August 2022 - lost to NSL Brown Bears 4:5
Players: Tony Lee, Edward Caruana, John Foeng

Experience feeling after the match:
"Wow, what a match! Down 4-0, comeback to 4-4, and so many five setters and long deuce games.  Sorry it went the wrong way in the end."



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