SNDTTA 2022 Div1 Assassins


Venue Week 1 Monday, August 8    
MAC Div 1 MacPirates V SUNS Assassins

2022 Spring Season - SUNS Assassins

Joybroto Sarkar (Captain), Hrishi Bhagat, John Sayegh, Peter Nam Nguyen, Guang He Wang, and Vincent Chan

SUNS has two teams in Division 1

SUNS Alpha and SUNS Assassins


(Progress of Team Alpha Spring Season is on a separate web page)


Progress of Team Assassins

09 Dec 2022
SUNS Assassins Grand Final matches on 09 Dec 2022 - won Willougby Reds 5:4. SUNS Assassins is the champion of Div 1 for 2022 Spring season.

Players: John Sayegh, Joy Broto Sarkar, Peter Nam Nguyen



04 Nov 2022
SUNS Assassins matches on 04 Nov 2022 - won Annangrove Balls of Fury 9:0

Players: John Sayegh, Joy Broto Sarkar, Peter Nam Nguyen


28 Oct 2022
SUNS Assassins matches on 28 Oct 2022 - won Pymble Long Spear 6:3

Players: John Sayegh, Vincent Chan, Peter Nam Nguyen


14 Oct 2022
SUNS Assassins matches on 14 Oct 2022 - won Pymble PTTC 8:1

Players: John Sayegh, Hrishi Bhagat, Joy Broto Sarkar


30 Sept 2022
SUNS an internal friendly match on 30 Sept 2022; Assassins vs Alpha - result was very close, Assassins won 5:4

Players: John Sayegh, Hrishi Bhagat, Joy Broto Sarkar


19 Sept 2022
SUNS Assassins matches on 19 Sept 2022 - won North Sydney 6:3

Players: Vincent Chan, John Sayegh, Hrishi Bhagat


16 Sept 2022
SUNS Assassins matches on 16 Sept 2022 - lost to Willoughby Red 4:5

Players: Vincent Chan, Ada Ly, Joy Broto Sarkar


29 Aug 2022
SUNS Assassins matches on 29 August 2022 - won HRSL Black 8:1

Players: John Sayegh, Hrishi Bhagat, Joy Broto Sarkar



15 Aug 2022
SUNS Assassins matches on 15 August 2022 - won MacForce 8:1

Players: Vincent Chan, Peter Nam Nguyen, Guang He Wang

08 Aug 2022
SUNS Assassins first matches in Spring Season on 08 August 2022 - won MacPirates 7:2

Players: Joybroto Sarkar, Vincent Chan, Guang He Wang


2022 Autumn Season - SUNS Alpha & SUNS Assassins

SUNS Alpha

Manson Cheng (Captain), Edmond Chiu, Andy Truong, Cedric Ng, Garek Chung, and Zitian (Chris) Zhou

SUNS Assassins

Joybroto Sarkar (Captain), Greg Evans, Han Yue, Hrishi Bhagat, John Sayegh, Peter Nam Nguyen, and Vincent Chan



8 June 2022
2022 Autumn Season Current Standings

Progress of Team Alpha (Progress of Team Assassins follows)

03 June 2022
SUNS Alpha matches on 03 June 2022 - lost to Willoughby Red 2:7

Players: Andy Truong, Manson Cheng, Edmund Chiu


20 May 2022
SUNS Alpha matches on 20 May 2022 - lost to MacForce 4:5

Players: Andy Truong, Garek Chung, Edmund Chiu



6 May 2022
SUNS internal teams matches on 6 May 2022, SUNS Assassins - won SUNS Alpha 6:3

SUNS Alpha Players:       Andy Truong, Manson Cheng, Cedric Ng

SUNS Assassins Players: Peter Nam Nguyen, John Sayegh, Joybroto Sarkar



18 March 2022

Played PCYC Div 1A and we won 8:1 Players whoplayed are: Andy Truong, Garek Chung, Chris Zhou. Chris and Garek in action below.



Progress of Team Assassins

19 July 2022
SUNS Assassins lost narrowly (4:5) in the Div 1 Finals to MacDragon on 19 July 2022
Players: Joybroto Sarkar, Peter Nam Nguyen , John Sayegh

Complementatry from Leong
"This is excruciatingly close matches. They won 5, you won 4. They won 3 five-setters, you won 2. At last, they won 21 games, you won 20 games, and if only you had won the 4th set of the nail-biting last doubles, ... And only lost to the favourites eventually. Well done indeed!"



8 July 2022
SUNS Assassins matches on 8 July 2022 - won semi-final against PTTC 6:2
Players: Joybroto Sarkar, Peter Nam Nguyen , John Sayegh


20 May 2022
SUNS Assassins matches on 20 May 2022 - won MacDragon 6:3

Players: Han Yue, Hrishi Bhagat, John Sayegh


15 April 2022
SUNS Assassins matches on 15 April 2022 - won MacForce 6:3

Players: Vincent Chan, Joybroto Sarkar, Edmund Chiu



18 March 2022
SUNS Assassins lost the match to PCCT D1 3:6

Players: Joybroto Sarkar, Hrishi Bhagat, Han Yue


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