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At SUNS, we welcome players of every skill levels. If you are looking to play socially, do some training or take part in competitions
with a friendly club, drop-in on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays

YES, We have re-opened


2021 Autumn SNDTTA Competition, week 8 March 2021


2021 SUNS Annual General Meeting 17 Feb 2021
28th SUNS Closed Club Championships
2020 SNDTTA Interclub Competition
Seniors EOY Challenge 7 Dec 2020


2021 Autumn SNDTTA
Interclub Competition


Starts week of 8th March 2021

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SNDTTA Interclub Competition

28th SUNS Closed Club
Championships 2020

Saturday 23 Jan 2021

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Seniors EOY Challenge 2020

Monday 7th December 2020
Light Lunch is provided

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Concluded. How our teams performed.