Handicap Contest

SUNS Handicap Contest (HC) is held on every Friday morning only with a max of 24 players for the time being. HC is divided into two groups; A and B, in order to have a meaning contest. Participants in each group will have different sets of handicap point estimated initially and will be adjusted from time to time once the participant has joined any one of the HC Contests. Thus, the handicap points will be adjusted to the right level of balance at the end of say, 2 months time. Of course, it depents very much on how active the participants to join the HC Contest. Each time, there will be 4 prizes given to Winner, Runner Up, 3rd and 4th places.

Below are the results and photos of the first contest held on 19 Aug 2022. 

19 Aug 2022

Group A Result, Group photos and Winners

Group B Result, Group photos and Winners


Handicap Contest
is held every Friday morning
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