SUNS Newsletter – August 2018. Updated for end of year info in November.

Hi All,

Here is bringing you up to date on the soon to start SNDTTA Spring Competition: Our Suns teams are as follows:Div'n 2 SUNS A: Michael Wu (Captain), Tony Lee, Tony Ghobriel, Greg Dabrowa. Div'n 3 Suns B: Mark Seeto (Captain), Marcus Green, Paul Street and Theo Morsink. Div'n 3 Suns C: Jeff Canning (Captain), John Foeng, Phil Jenkins, Salin Mulmi and Emily Carpenter. Div'n 4 Suns D: Sheng Peng (Captain), Barry Davey, Max Luo and Peter Shao. Suns E Div'n 5: Kerrie Daynes(Captain), Gary Veitch, Viyada Gow, Joanna Seo, Keong Tong and Carol Wakeman. 

In addition we will accommodate 2 teams from Pymble TTC, James Wong's new venture. Their Div.1 team is: Dennis Lee, Edgar So, Ryan Liu, Jaja Lim and Rui Li and a junior team for Div.5: Jeremy Choi, Andrew and David Mu, Stuart Luo and Andy Lacy. Please make them feel welcome on the Friday nights.

On playing nights it could therefore be quite busy and I ask you all to assist in setting up in time, by 7.45 pm, and also help in putting away the tables before 10.30pm. I have given instructions on paper to all the captains to tell the players to start as soon as possible , at the latest by 8  pm, and not to waste time between the matches as we need to leave the premises by 10.30 pm. Also remember to pay before you play. If your  team wins, the captains are responsible to email the result to the recorder mentioned on the draw sheet.

Autumn Competition Results:

Our Premier team finished first in the round robin, but lost the semi final against MQ Uni , so this time no medals. Well Done anyway James Wong, Erny Tsao, Ryan Lu and Hanson Huang. In div'n 4 our C team of Jeff Canning, Phil Jenkins Salin Mulmi Emily Carpenter and John Foeng finished runners up in the Grand Final, winning therefore a trophy each and promotion to Div'n 3 for the Spring Comp. Congratulations to you all. Our Div'n 5 team of Viyada Gow, Sheng Peng, Max Luo and Barry Davey finished 2nd in the round robin and were unsuccessful in the finals after a mix up in the sequence of matches and misunderstanding of procedures which problems were solved unsatisfactory by the SNDTTA committee at our expense. Well done anyway Guys!

Important dates: Our SUNS Club Championships will be held on Sunday the 2nd of December and the Seniors tournament on Monday the 10th of December

End of year info for Friday nights:  Our final Friday for the year will be 7 December 2018 and we will start again on Friday 1 February 2019 as our first night of play in the new year.

 The last Monday morning will be 17 December 2018.On the 10th December we have our now traditional annual SENIORS tournament.Details and the entry list are on the Desk                                                  We will have trophies and presents for the winners and a social get together in the mezzanine room upstairs. Please bring a plate, I will organise the drinks. No alcohol please.

 The last Wednesday morning this year is 19 December 2018. The Brickpit will be closed from 24 Dec.2018 to 13 January 2019

 Please note: following special requests we will play during the holiday period.  Starting Monday mornings from 10am to 1pm as usual from  Monday the 14th of January and Wednesdays from 10am till noon on the 16th of January 2019 and every week thereafter. James Wong will look after the Wednedays and Jeff, YK and Leong after the Mondays. Please assist where you can. 

Kind Regards, Theo 

2016 nsw club champions

SUNS 2016 NSW Club Champions


2017 Club Champion Wootaek Oh receiving his trophy


2017 Seniors Ladies and Mens A grade winners Kerrie & Geoff


2017 Snr Mens B grade winner Ian Brown


Original Berowra TTC members Walter Labio & Theo Morsink still going strong


25 years of Suns history in abbreviated form